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Parish Enabling

The Anglican Diocese of Leeds is the largest diocese in England by area, including the whole of West Yorkshire, the western part of North Yorkshire, the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire and some areas within County Durham, Cumbria and Lancashire.

It includes a diverse range of communities from the deeply rural to inner city, embracing many of the UK's poorest neighbourhoods. All of the more than 450 parishes and other denominations and faith groups have access to guidance and support from Wellsprings Together as they grow loving relationships and acts of service within their communities.

We exist to support faith communities in social engagement with a particular developing expertise in parish-based community engagement. We aim to be a resource, adding capacity and expertise to local efforts and work. We primarily do this in three ways:

  1. Project Development: We can offer you and your church some contained and time limited support around developing an idea. E.g. direction around funding bid, connecting to wider support, creative thinking, challenge and advice. If you have some ideas about blessing and serving your community but not sure where to start we would love to help support. Or perhaps you already are doing something but are looking to develop this in some way, again we can help.
  2. Facilitated Reflection: Our second way of supporting is through our offer of external facilitated reflection around your context and current community engagement. This reflection can combine both practical discussions but also theological reflection on community engagement, mission, retaining your values as church based community project and more. This can be an “away day”, PCC series etc. This will be particularly useful for churches going through transition or for those wanting to evaluate and take a step back.
  3. Research: Finally if you’re not sure where to start or are feeling that your current engagement isn’t fulfilling its purpose, we could work with you over a more extended period providing external perspective on options for community engagement. This might be through needs research, business planning etc.