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In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, the challenge for the food networks is to keep vulnerable people safe and fed with access to the essentials. Last year Wellsprings Together helped to coordinate the work of more than sixty food providers across the Bradford District.

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Wellsprings Together supports a growing number of Places of Welcome, providing a safe space for those experiencing loneliness, isolation and a range of related consequences. Find out how you can be part of this movement.

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Near Neighbours is a national programme that brings people from different backgrounds together for initiatives that improve their local neighbourhoods. It includes Real People Honest Talk, leadership training, church mosque twinning and a small grants programme

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Working with delivery partners Inn Churches and Hope Housing, we are helping to coordinate efforts to find sustainable housing and accommodation for people who are on the streets or at risk of homelessness. Find out more about our five year programme, Positive Pathways.

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