Wellsprings Angels

Wellsprings Together is launching a new panel of specialist advisers - called 'Wellsprings Angels' - available to provide this help for defined periods of time when it will have most impact. We are currently recruiting qualified professionals to join this group and offer support for social action projects across the Leeds Diocese. Wellsprings Angels offer this support free of charge.

WT Angels

Wellsprings Angels offer professional skills based on their extensive experience. This could be on of a wide range of disciplines including project management, finance, law, HR, fundraising, marketing, facilitation and partnership development. An important part of an Angel’s role is to manage themselves out of a job by mentoring and training – ensuring that handover to local project leaders is a key part of the plan. Angels generally cover their own costs although out of pocket expenses may be agreed with the church.

Angel Projects are...primarily focused on meeting social need

The project must address a problem with sufficient scale to make a difference in the community – and be something that is unlikely to be achieved from parish resources alone. It must have clear boundaries and goals so that everyone will recognise success when it happens – and it should encourage both ambition and co-operation. Angel projects will not be about liturgy or theology – and the objective is not evangelism (at least not directly). For this reason, Angels do not necessarily need to be Christians – but they should be sympathetic to the church's aims and priorities and appreciate that prayer is likely to be very important to the people with whom they are working.

Angel Projects are...limited in time & scope

Angel engagements are agreed with the church leadership – through an “Angel Contract” which states the understanding between the church or charity and the Angel. This includes a statement of the time commitment of the Angel, bearing in mind that most parishes have limited resources and operate through volunteers, so this may have to be a little flexible. Nonetheless, an Angel is not to be a full time trustee, officer or PCC member and their involvement should definitely have a defined ending.

Angel Projects are....managed by Wellsprings Together

Wellsprings Together provides the link between the church and the Wellsprings Angel - ensuring the task is scoped correctly, setting out the terms of reference for both parties, dealing with any issues, managing publicity, monitoring progress and confirming the conclusion of the engagement. Wellsprings Together has a supporting role and acts as an adviser to both parties throughout the project cycle. We will help to publicise (as appropriate) the church's project and acknowledge the role undertaken by the Angel both during and at the end of the engagement.

Becoming an angel

Simply complete an on-line application form following which we will arrange an informal chat. At this stage there is no commitment at all – and we are always happy to discuss the role with you.

As a Wellsprings Angel we will attempt to match your skills to upcoming projects. Following discussions with you we will introduce you to the project sponsor and set up the arrangement.

Finding an Angel for your Project

If you think you have an appropriate project for an Angel you will need to complete our Request Form. Following Wellsprings Together approval we will endeavour to find a Wellsprings Angel to support you. The key thing is that your parish must agree what the aims are, find the necessary people and resources to work with the Angel, and be willing to work within the project scope and timescale agreed.