NEWSLETTERThe aim is to improve access to resources, make local work more effective and create a framework for others to bring about positive change in communities by offering time and money, action and prayer.Church Urban Fund and Anglican dioceses have joined together through a growing network of Joint Ventures to provide long term sustainable support for Christians working in often difficult circumstances.Wellsprings Together Bradford supports and encourages individuals, Christian organisations and churches of all denominations and traditions to understand and respond effectively to the issues of social justice and relationships between communities.

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we seek to develop the skills and capacities of local people

Wellsprings Together Bradford is part of a national network developed by Church Urban Fund to help create sustainable and more effective solutions to transforming communities in England and to give a voice on the local and national stage to their concerns about issues of social justice.

We are committed to an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model which seeks to develop the skills and capacities of local people to build stronger, more sustainable communities.

ABCD builds on the assets that are already found in the community and mobilises individuals, associations and institutions to come together to build on their assets - not to concentrate on their needs. ABCD draws out strengths and successes in a community's shared history as its starting point for change. Active participation and empowerment (and the prevention of disempowerment) are the basis of practice (ABCD Institute).

The Bradford district is affected by a range of factors that lead to some of the worst levels of social deprivation in the UK, including falling employment rates, diverse ethnic communities facing language and educational barriers, generational poverty and an increasing young and socially excluded population.

However, Bradford is being reborn as the 'entrepreneur' capital of the North, in recent years economic growth has outstripped other districts in the region. In addition, Bradford churches are famously generous and this has supported ministry in some of the tough places in the region - churches are able to be present when others have left. Bradford churches have pioneered interfaith work with Muslim communities, and a history of collaboration with the Local Authority has meant the Church in Bradford is well placed to represent local communities at district level.


  • Provide long term sustainable support to Christian Organisations and Churches
  • Act as a catalyst to develop new projects
  • Improve access to resources, information and expertise
  • Provide a framework for others to bring about positive change in their communities in a strategic and coordinated manner, sharing best practice and avoiding duplication.

Wellsprings Together Bradford is a registered charity. Charity registration number 1139674.