Big Conversation Kirklees

Event at Batley Town Hall 2nd March

Near Neighbours / Wellsprings Together ran a series of Real People Honest Talk conversations in Kirklees; these conversations were very honest, raw and powerful, with topics discussed that are important to local communities.

At the Big Conversation event, people came together to listen - people that took part in those conversations, people who facilitated them and people who wanted to hear what everybody had to say. Honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities of community life. Embracing the bravery of listening.

Some quotes:

"Dialogue and honesty are needed if we are to bridge divides and live better together."

"Powerful reflections at The Big Conversation #RealPeopleHonestTalk in #Batley today. Challenging issues and some difficult conversations but SO important #moreincommon"

"Embracing the bravery of listening’ is exactly the embodiment of what we all did"

"Kids calling this stuff out, gives me hope....brilliant"

"...Amazing young people that took part in the conversations. Some life changing friendships were created. From depression to confidence in 3 weeks, it might sound unbelievable but it’s true. Honoured."

"Extreme love. Extreme Kindness. Give young people more power! Educate children about misogyny. Give your children the same opportunities as others"

"Do we take the risk to have the conversations or do we take the risk not to have them? is the question I am asking after having led three Real People Honest Talks in West Yorkshire."

"This programme has helped me to understand what people from different backgrounds experience from day to day. It was an honour to be part of this, as in the first session I was barely able to talk however now I can speak my opinions with confidence."

"RPHT was able to show me that although we may look and act differently we all go through the same or similar things. Being able to open up to other people as they listen makes it feel like we are all being listened to."

"Taking in other peoples opinion’s makes it easier to understand how the community as a whole feels."

"I wish to say thank you esp to @SabbiyahPervez and Kaneez due to the fact that they really made me understand how we all have the same struggles as each other no matter of race or religion. For helping me to bond and create friendships we never thought we would."

"From all of this I have gained friends. I have understood that we are all so different and that we need to make a change because we are all so different and a diverse community, we need to learn to get on with each other."

"Overall this was a positive experience and I am so glad I was able to stand up and talk about what I have strong views about. It has put me out of my comfort zone, (talking in front of people, expressing my opinion) but I feel I have improved as a person, thank you."

"Some very wise words shared by Bishop @nickbaines at today’s Big Conversation in Batley. Pleasure being a part of it, and very hopeful in the young people present to carry on such talks and bring about change. Thanks @nearneighbours & @kaneezkhan31"

"#RealPeopleHonestTalk - a great initiative by @nearneighbours. A pleasure to facilitate one of the groups in #Batley: difficult conversations need to be managed with sensitivity & we are very proud of how the #MoreInCommon group discussed tough subjects with respect & humility"

‘If we value truth, if we value honesty we have to think about our words.’ @nickbaines on closing comments for our Big Conversation in North Kirklees

Poster Kirklees
The wonderful @mendoncapen summarising the event
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