What's next for our Foodbank? - Webinar

Summary of webinar plus link to recording

Foodbanks are doing a fantastic job keeping people fed - but this should be a short term solution. During the pandemic, many more people started using foodbanks, leading to huge numbers of food given out for free. It is wonderful to see that foodbanks have been able to cope with this increased demand, but there are concerns that this is not sustainable in the long term and is creating dependency. Feeding Bradford & Keighley have hosted a webinar, exploring other options.

Some of our partners are currently running pop-up pantries or social supermarkets - a variety of healthy food available at very discounted prices. People get to choose their own food and pay a very small amount. Many people feel this restores their dignity, and it can lead to behaviour change, in particular if coupled with FoodSavers - a model to encourage saving. An article and video by Inn Churches about this model can be found here.

A recording of this meeting is on YouTube, and we have also summarised the key points in the document below.

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Webinar Whats next for our Foodbank April 2021

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