Universal Credit Summary 2019

This is a new resource for the Together Network about Universal Credit: a short guide to what the new benefit system is, who it’s for, and how to support someone applying for it.

What is it? Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit that replaces six in-work and out-of-work benefits now known as ‘legacy benefits. The short guide is designed to equip someone with the knowledge and resources for their church or organisation to support individuals they know or engage with as they move onto Universal Credit.

Why have we produced it? Universal Credit is the most ambitious change in the welfare system in a generation. It affects and will continue to affect many people in the parishes, projects and communities we work across in our Joint Ventures. Helping people navigate the new system and their entitlements within it can make a real difference.

Who is it for? The guide is for anyone working in the Together Network, in churches, in organisations or projects who might be likely to encounter people moving onto Universal Credit.

To download the resource click here.

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Universal Credit TN Briefing Web

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