Food Bank Contact Details Bradford District

Referring Clients to foodbanks

Food Bank contact details Bradford District - for referrers only

If you are a professional who wants to refer people to their local Food Bank, we can send you a list. This information should not be given out to clients as most food banks operate on a referral only basis, and some of the contact details are the personal contact details of volunteers. You should contact the food bank on your client’s behalf and make a referral.

Some of the bigger food banks have online referral systems so you might be able to become an official referrer for them.

Please click here if you would like to be sent the list of food banks. This will only be sent to professionals not individuals. Please state in the email what organisation you working for so we know you are an appropriate person.

Covid-19 response – currently in Bradford vulnerable people can also be signposted to the 01274 431000 number for food. They will have their details passed to a local hub who will either provide food or refer to the local food bank.

We at Wellsprings cannot make referrals for individuals and don’t have access to any food parcels ourselves.

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