Feeding Bradford & Keighley Network Meeting 18 January 2021

Documents from this meeting attached. They are:

  • The meeting notes
  • 3 attachments about food waste from Soraya and Natalie
  • A pdf of the Covid advice and support booklet Sheila mentioned.

Meeting notes Jan 21 no names

Meeting-notes-Jan-21-no-names.docx (59.363 KB)

Get food waste savvy SO

Get-food-waste-savvy-SO.docx (55.582 KB)

Difference between dates

Difference-between-dates.docx (29.276 KB)

Did you know

Did-you-know.docx (41.65 KB)

Covid advice and support in our district

Covid-advice-and-support-in-our-district.pdf (4.584 MB)