Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways is a five year programme in the Bradford area, which is helping to support homeless people into stable and sustained accommodation and community life.

Working with delivery partners Inn Churches and Hope Housing, we are helping to coordinate efforts to find sustainable housing for people who are on the streets or at risk of homelessness through the Positive Pathways programme.

Quite simply, the statistics are staggering. One in ten people in England say they have personal experience of homelessness; and the number of people sleeping rough in England has doubled in the last five years.

Wellsprings Together supports a number of different initiatives to meet the needs of people who are experiencing homelessness in our region. These include Winter Night Shelters and one-to-one support providing relief for immediate needs such as food, clothing and healthcare. We also help organise drop-in sessions across the region to offer support with issues such as accessing benefits, financial advice and employment.

Positive Pathways is a five year programme supported by the Church Urban Fund and the Bramall Foundation. The aim of Positive Pathways is to enable one-to-one relational support to people at critical points on their path to sustainable living. We want to direct resources so that they have the greatest impact in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The objectives of Positive Pathways are met though Bradford-based delivery partners Hope Housing and Inn Churches

A key strength of Positive Pathways partnerships is that they have the flexibility to work with clients in a relational way, focus on wellbeing interventions or provide any such support over the medium to long term. Whilst this work is designed to build independence, support will not be withdrawn after a specific number of weeks and clients typically remain in touch with a worker for as long as the need remains (this could weeks, months or years – we have an open door policy). Each Positive Pathways worker has an average caseload of 30 clients which ensures the quality of support offered isn’t compromised.

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To find out more about Positive Pathways please contact: theo.sheridan-watts@wellspringstogether.org.uk