Coronavirus: Huddersfield Area

Kirklees Council Response


Kirklees Council are working closely with voluntary sector partners to offer a co-ordinated Community Response.

  • Give people easy access to help when needed
  • Make sure that people can help each other where they live
  • Offer support for local groups and organisations

If you are in the Kirklees area and need help or want to offer help here are the links:

Request Support

Offer support

More information

If you need further information in the Kirklees area please follow this link to their help pages

Calderdale Council Area

Support for Volunteers

Volunteer support in Calderdale is being deployed through an area hub. They are producing guidance so voluntary groups can work safely and safeguard those with vulnerabilities without council intervention.

If you are in the Calderdale area and need help or want to offer help here are the links:

Request support

Offer support


To email the support team

Helpline number 01484 226919 - open from 8am to 6pm weekdays.

Safe Volunteering

Calderdale Council has produced a guide to safe volunteering

Download the guide here: Safe volunteering guidance [PDF 190KB].

For all Calderdale community support information please click here

Working with Volunteers

Many thousands of volunteers are helping to support the most vulnerable members of our communities. It is essential that volunteers are recruited and managed safely.

Coronavirus: Working with Volunteers

Sharing good stories

Please share your stories of how you are responding on social media using the hashtag #peopleofhope