Coronavirus: Bradford Area

Bradford MDC


For anyone needing support in the Bradford area, there is a special helpline number.

01274 431 000

Picking up shopping, deliveries of hot meals or food parcels for those who are eligible, access to information or just a friendly chat.


For a full range of support and advice from Bradford Council:

CABAD Daily Briefing

Each day (Monday to Friday) Community Action Dradford & District will send you a quick briefing to go over the latest coronavirus developments.

The daily briefing can be found on a link from the front page of the CABAD website There's also a dedicated Covid-19 support page with a wealth of useful information

You can also visit CABAD social media channels on Facebook and Twitter

Response to PPE needs

Infromation from Community Action Bradford & District:

It seems that the ongoing issues regarding access to PPE equipment nationally are starting to ease. However we need to be prudent with the supplies we can access and recognise that the best support that we can offer frontline workers is to secure what is available and provide front-line workers with PPE that enables them to sustain their community response.

Community Action B&D has been working strenuously, in partnership with BMDC and others to identify and secure what PPE supplies are available. Through this work we have accessed some PPE supplies for those non-commissioned* organisations that completed our survey; we expect that this supply point will now continue. These supplies are limited to gloves and gel only as these are deemed safe for Tier 2 services (those where you do not have direct contact/personal care with individuals) where the social distancing measures can be implemented.

We have organized the following:

For non-commissioned* organisations All PPE supplies (gloves and gel) from this point on will be ordered, sorted and delivered from one distribution point. We aim to have stocks delivered to us every Tuesday and then get them back out on a Thursday. We have access to a driver to help with deliveries. We do not want visitors at the distribution at present.

Orders can be placed using this link:

The order link will change each week so we can keep track of orders versus stocks delivered. Please use the Community Action COVID page for the latest order form

Any queries please email Dave Holt

* this means you do not receive a large grant or hold any contracts with the council or CCG.

Volunteering in the Bradford Area

Information and guidance is being made available to support those organising volunteer work as well as volunteers themselves.

Coronavirus: Working with Volunteers

The Silsden Emergency Planning Group

The Silsden Emergency Planning Group is working to help Silsden with a single point of access to assistance and information from helpers and voluntary groups in and around Silsden.

A helpline has been set up 01535 400 150


Sharing good stories

Please share your stories of how you are responding on social media using the hashtag #peopleofhope

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