Food Security

We coordinate efforts, channel funding, and share information to support groups that work to increase food security. We are developing food networks across the diocese including Feeding Bradford & Keighley.

The Feeding Bradford & Keighley Network

Feeding Bradford & Keighley is a multi-agency partnership coordinated by Cathy Henwood of Wellsprings Together. Over the summer holidays the partnership supported a range of venues delivering 120 individual events and more than 2900 meals.

​One mother who brought her children to a holiday club said,

"it's helped me deal with a very stressful time at home. My children have learned to cook and are now cooking healthy meals regularly at home"

If you are in the Bradford District, to find out more please contact

Feeding Bradford & Keighley Network Meetings

School Holiday Funding

At our most recent meeting in April, the main focus was on funding for school holiday activities with food. The meeting notes can be downloaded here.

Impact of Covid

At our meeting in July, all participants spoke about the impact of Covid on their organisation. It was great to see how groups had adapted to an ever-changing situation. The report on this meeting can be downloaded here.

Family Focus

We also hosted a meeting with a focus on Family - we had invited some people to the meeting who spoke on the issue of families. The report on this meeting can be downloaded here.

Fundraising for your group

At another meeting, the theme was Fundraising for your Group - we had invited some people to the meeting who had lots of experience with fundraising and shared this with the people at the meeting. The report on this meeting, together with all the information, can be downloaded here.

Charities we’ve worked with

Meal Provision

Download our up to date list of meal provision in the Bradford area

Crisis Food Provision Bradford & Keighley

Feeding BD & Kly - Constitution & Work Priorities

Download the Feeding Bradford & Keighley constitution, work priorities and vision document

Feeding Bradford & Keighley Constitution, Work Priorities and Vision